Project Overview

Anandalite Creations have an array of amazing crystal products with their world-first floating crystal product used to energise the water of the bath and shower. The products all share a universal interchangeble system allowing crystals to be used in the various products including the floating crystal bath product, shower head, belts and necklaces. Explaining how the product is placed in the bath and used across the various applications has always been the challenge to explain to potential customers, and this is where we come in with video to quickly and easily demonstrate this. We produced a main promo video as well as video reels and a library of over 100 photos was also created for many posts, website updates and marketing uses in the future. This has given the client an increase in sale conversions, professional video and photos to refresh their entire website, weeks worth of social media content, and has freed up time by removing the need to repeatedly explain the product over the phone or email. All in all, an extremely worthwile investment.

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Client Anandalite Creations

Services Marketing content videography, photography, model sourcing & direction, post production.

Package Refresh All marketing package

Date Feb 2023